For all that your car goes through

Whatever your car goes through…

…it should be going through a Kaady Car Wash. Why? Because our automated car wash technology, advanced shampoos and polishing agents have evolved from a 30-year, multi-million dollar investment in developing the safest, gentlest, most effective system for protecting your investment in the vehicle you drive.

True to the finish

Automotive finishes deteriorate when exposed to sun rays, road oils, tree and bird droppings and other pollutants. The way to help prevent damage is regular washing. Unfortunately, some cleaning methods can harm both vehicle finishes and the environment. (As explained elsewhere, the worst option is the home driveway wash.) But even among automatic washes, not all methods are equal. At Kaady, computer-controlled water usage is combined with Fiber Soft, the gentlest, most effective cleaning material in our industry, along with non-acidic shampoos that safely lift off dirt, protect the finish and enhance the shine.

Our new 30-second television commercial shows why the world's leading carmakers maintain the same things we do about the best way to preserve your vehicle's finish.

"All the Right Reasons"

Kaady garners award for pollution prevention. Read more…

Our New Trailer Hitch Policy

For safety, and effective cleaning, trailer hitches must be removed before entering the car wash.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Give the Gift of Clean